All Trigger Mode (GREEN)

All cameras fire at once

The signal from the input port ‎goes to the link and 6 output sockets. Multiple TriggerBoxes can be connected together to allow for the triggering of more than 6 cameras to create larger multi camera setups.  


Connecting the unit see this article.

Connecting the unit :

Ensure all TriggerBoxes have power and the mode switches are green.
Plug a wired remote shutter release into the input socket of the first TriggerBox in your chain.
Connect each camera to a single output socket of the TriggerBox via a 3.5mm adaptor cable - all will fire simultaneously when the wired remote release is pressed.
Multiple TriggerBoxes are linked by connecting a 3.5mm stereo cable to the link socket of the first trigger box and then to the input of the next unit and repeating down the line.

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