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Multi-camera software for Triggerbox?

We're building a full body scanning rig that will be made from 80 Nikon D5600 or Canon 800D (we didn't decide yet).

We're going with Trigerboxes for triggering all cameras at the same time. However, we'll need software that will control the settings (ISO, aperture and shutter) of multiple cameras.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Justin,

There are multiple software applications available to you for controlling multiple cameras and their settings from a PC.

I've outlined the common software applications below for your use as well as what our customers use:

Breeze Systems: Allows you to control multiple Canon SLR cameras from a single PC running windows. Used widely by our photobooth industry customers as well as some 3D scanning studios. Excellent support offered and is licensed per number of cameras so you pay for what you need.

Kuvacode Capture Grid: Previously called Smart Shooter GRID, used by 3D scanning studios. Allows you to have control over your cameras settings as well as data management. Supports Canon, Nikon and some Sony Alpha cameras on Windows, MAC and Linux. A yearly subscription allows unlimited cameras and computers.

Xangle: Two variants of software; Photobooth and photogrammetry versions. Compatible with most Canon entry-level DSLR cameras nad runs from a PC running windows. Pricing starts from a 6 camera rig up to a 250 camera rig.

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