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Unable to take a photo in programmable blue mode

I have bought the trigger box and after testing it I came across a problem. When the box is using the green mode, all cameras work as they should and are fired at the same time. But, when using the blue mode the cameras will not shot as I am only able to make them focus. What I want to do is to fire 6 cameras at the same time but with a small delay for auto focus around 1 sec before it takes the photos (0.5 sec).

Hi Nurul, 

Could you please try increasing your bulb time? This is located in the 'Interval Mode' section of the TriggerBoxController software. Bulb time is the length of time the TriggerBox holds down the cameras shutter release input. 20ms, the default value is an eternity in terms of pulses down a cable. Depending on the make/model of the camera that you are using, it sometimes means you will need to increase the bulb time so that the TriggerBox holds down the cameras shutter release long enough for the camera to actually fire. This sometimes means increasing the bulb time to around 100-200 ms. 

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Thanks for the instructions Luke! I will have a look and let you know how it goes.

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