Thank you for buying an Esper TriggerBox. The TriggerBox allows multiple camera shutters to be released from a computer or a single hardware release cable. Follow these 3 steps and you'll get your Esper TriggerBox up and running in no time. 

  • By the end of step 3: You'll have your cameras connected and ready to start using.

The 3 steps to setup success

  1. Connecting your cameras to the TriggerBox 
  2. Linking multiple TriggerBoxes together 
  3. Switching between TriggerBox modes

Step 1. Connecting your cameras to the TriggerBox

Each camera is connected to a single output socket of the TriggerBox (fig.1 a) via a 3.5mm adaptor cable.

Figure 1. ESPER TriggerBox - Trigger outputs.

Step 2. Linking multiple TriggerBoxes together

Multiple TriggerBoxes can be connected together to allow for the triggering of more than 6 cameras to create larger multi camera setups. Multiple TriggerBoxes are linked by connecting a 3.5mm stereo cable to the link socket (fig.2 a) of the first trigger box and then to the input (fig.2 b) of the next unit and repeating down the line.

Esper TriggerBox and PowerBoxes have been designed to neatly stack together. 

Figure 2. ESPER TriggerBox front panel.

For more help on connecting your TriggerBox go here.

Step 3. Switching between TriggerBox modes

The TriggerBox is switchable between two modes of operation. Switch between the two modes by pressing the 'Mode' LED button  (see fig. 3) on the front of the unit . 

Figure 3. Mode LED switch
  • LED is Green (fig.3 a) : All Trigger mode – all 6 outputs and the link socket fire at once when a shutter release is connected to the input socket.
  • LED is Blue (fig.3 b) : Smart Trigger mode  – all 6 outputs and the link socket can be fired from a computer or a shutter release plugged into the TriggerBox input. All the outputs can be individually turned on and off, delayed and programmed in sequences, via the USB connection.

If you plan to use the GREEN 'All Trigger' mode,  read this guide

If you plan to use the BLUE 'Smart Trigger' mode,  read this guide