Smart Trigger mode allows firing the TriggerBox outputs from a computer as well as accessing the advanced features of the box. 

When in Smart Trigger mode you can fire the cameras directly from the software or you can use a cable release plugged into the TriggerBox input to fire the outputs.

Smart Trigger modes allows:

  •    Triggering the camera shutters simultaneously via a computer.
  •    Switching each output on and off individually
  •    Delaying each input and output individually
  •    Sequencing of all settings
  •    A variable bulb mode timer across all outputs

Tip: Connecting the TriggerBox see this article.

Connecting the unit

1. The TriggerBoxes need to be connected to the computer via a USB socket / hub 

2. Switch the TriggerBoxes mode to blue. 

3. The TriggerBoxes will appear as USB serial COM ports. You can check they are all connected in Windows Device manager or in the Network tab of the Mac System Preferences.  Screenshots

4. Once the computer has detected all your connected TriggerBoxes you can run the ESPER TriggerBoxController software.

Tip: If the computer cannot automatically see the Trigger Box (a possibility after software updates) you may need to download the latest serial driver from