The TriggerBoxController software allows firing the TriggerBox outputs from a computer as well as accessing the advanced features of the box.

  • Outputs 1-6 and the link socket can be selectively turned on and off.
  • Delay - values can be assigned to outputs 1-6 allowing tighter synchronization between different camera models and with flash / strobe lighting.
  • Sequencing - sequence up to 8 stages with different settings for a more creative shot
  • Bulb mode timer – assigns a fixed length of time to the trigger button press.
  • Intervalometer – fires all 6 outputs at a pre-determined intervals or time periods with bulb ramping. 

Download TriggerBoxController software v1.6

Published 25th October 2018 | PC compatible.

PC - Click 'TriggerBoxController-1.6.jar' to run

Mac - Mac OS is currently not supported for Catalina or Big Sur. Previous versions of Mac OS should work with the TriggerBoxController software.