The TriggerBoxController software allows firing the TriggerBox outputs from a computer as well as accessing the advanced features of the box.

  • Outputs 1-6 and the link socket can be selectively turned on and off.
  • Delay - values can be assigned to outputs 1-6 allowing tighter synchronization between different camera models and with flash / strobe lighting.
  • Sequencing - sequence up to 8 stages with different settings for a more creative shot
  • Bulb mode timer – assigns a fixed length of time to the trigger button press.
  • Intervalometer – fires all 6 outputs at a pre-determined intervals or time periods with bulb ramping. 

Please note: The TriggerBoxController software is no longer actively maintained to be inline with the latest version of Java. We highly recommend, where possible, to use the serial commands to communicate with the TriggerBox in 'Smart Mode'

Download TriggerBoxController software v1.6

Published 25th October 2018 | PC compatible.

PC - Click 'TriggerBoxController-1.6.jar' to run

Mac - Follow this guide to setup the software