The TriggerBox Controller software allows firing the TriggerBox outputs from a computer as well as accessing the advanced features of the box :

  • Outputs 1-6 and the link socket can be selectively turned on and off.
  • Delay values can be assigned to outputs 1-6 allowing tighter synchronization between different camera models and with flash / strobe lighting.
  • Sequencing.
  • Bulb mode timer – assigns a fixed length of time to the trigger button press.
  • Intervalometer – fires all 6 outputs at a pre-determined intervals or time periods with bulb ramping. 

Running the software

1. Download the latest version of the ESPER TriggerBoxController software here. The software will download within a zip file ( fig 1.1). Once it has finished downloading right click and extract all to 'TriggerBoxController-1.6' folder ( fig 1.2).

Figure 1. TriggerBoxController software zip file

2. Once extracted, you will see 3 folders and the TriggerBoxController-1.6.jar file. Keep all files & folders in this folder. Double click the TriggerBoxController-1.6.jar file to open the software ( fig 2.1).

When you first run the software it will check you have an up to date version of Java and prompt a download if you don’t. 

 Figure 2. TriggerBoxController Software Extracted

Tip: If the application won’t open then check that your version of Java is up to date here

3. Once open you need to press 'Connect' on the Esper software and the available boxes will appear under the 'Connect' button. You can then select one or multiple boxes and alter each boxes settings and fire using the big red button located in the bottom right corner. 

Figure 3. TriggerBoxController software - connecting a TriggerBox