Top menu:

Connect                      Connects all TriggerBoxes switched to 'Smart Trigger' (Blue mode)
Reset Boxes Resets all TriggerBoxes settings to default
Select All boxes Selects all the connected TriggerBoxes. Any changes made on the screen will be made to all the selected boxes.
Copy screen to Selected The current screen settings will be copied to the selected TriggerBoxes 
Send to box memory Saves the current settings to the selected boxes memory, when in blue mode the TriggerBox will start up with these settings. Use this to store settings for a permanent fixed installation where there is no need to change settings.
Box Lights On Switches the mode light on or off for all the selected TriggerBoxes. Useful should a mode light be visible in shot.
Identify Selected Trigger Boxes Flashes the mode light of the selected TriggerBoxes to aid identification and naming.

Outputs 1-6:

JoinLinks the toggling of Shutter and Focus operations across all outputs
Shutter Turns the shutter release off and on for each output
Focus  Toggles the autofocus line off and on for each output
Shutter - AllToggles outputs 1-6 shutters on/off 
Focus - All  Toggles output 1-6 Focus on/off


Pre-Focus                      Toggles the camera to focus before closing of the shutter - please note if this is running on a battery this will increase the power consumption considerably
Half Press  Simulates holding down the camera shutter release button to the half way point
Big Red Button   Fires the Shutters