Interval Mode allows the TriggerBox to be used as a multi-channel intervalometer to allow for the creation of multi angle time lapse sequences, useful in both research and creative applications.

The intervalometer can set the interval between shots, the total duration of shooting, the total number of shots, the total playback time of the clip, delaying the start of shooting, exposure ramping by varying the bulb time over the duration of shooting.

The intervalometer can also be used to step between sequence stages in delay mode  allowing for the construction of complex sequences of images from different angles over a period of time.

  • Interval – interval between shots (limited to a 1-second interval in the GUI. Can be set less than 1 second via the API)
  • Shooting duration – the total duration of shots 
  • Start Delay – Delay the start of intervalometer shooting by up to 23 hr 59 mins and 59 secs
  • Playback Time – set the frame rate (fps) and total playback time of the sequence
  • Bulb Time – set the length of the shutter button press- note this setting is carried across to both delay mode and fan mode 
  • End Bulb Time – set the length of the bulb time by the end of the 
  • Reset – zeros intervalometer settings apart from??
  • Send to sequencer – the fire signal for the intervalometer is sent to the sequencer to allow the automatic stepping through of sequencing settings.
  • # shots – total number of shots