Update 20th August 2018

Note for users of Breeze Multi-Camera v2.0
TriggerBox v1.3 firmware is now available and is required to access the new features in their development of Multi-Camera v2.0.  See below for firmware update instructions.

Firmware Update Instructions 

To update the the firmware to the latest version, 
1. Connect TriggerBox to computer.
2. Ensure the TriggerBox switch is set to Smart Trigger (blue mode).
3. Ensure OS has identified TriggerBox as USB Serial Port (Windows)/ FT232R USB UART (Mac).
4. Drivers should install automatically. If not, the latest COM port drivers can be found at: www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm?
5. Open the latest version of the TriggerBoxController software and click connect.

The TriggerBox Controller software will check the firmware version of each TriggerBox that is switched to blue. If an update is available, the TriggerBoxController will present the option to install the latest firmware to the TriggerBox. 

Once the update is underway the front light will go out for up to thirty seconds while updating, then a confirmation dialog box will appear. 

This happens once for every TriggerBox connected to the computer. 

NOTE: At present, firmware updates are only supported in a Windows environment.

If you experience any problems running the TriggerBoxController software or performing the firmware updates please contact us here.