1. Connect TriggerBox to computer.
2. Ensure box switch is set to blue mode.
3. Ensure OS has idenified TriggerBox as USB Serial Port (Windows)/ FT232R USB UART (Mac).
4. Drivers should install automatically. If not, the latest COM port drivers can be found at:  www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm?

Any TriggerBox running firmware 1.2 will communicate at 115200baud, no stop bits, no parity bit. Instructions to the TriggerBox must be printed using standard ASCII encoding. Any instruction sent to the box must end with a \n (newline) character.  The TriggerBox acts as a basic COM port, which must be opened before and closed after every session. The specifics of opening and closing COM ports are platform/software dependant, refer to your software/library user guide.

The first character of an instruction specifies either an action to be performed immediately, e.g. "S" to fire the shutters, or defines a programmable parameter, e.g. "s000111" to enable only the last three shutter outputs. TriggerBox settings can be saved to the internal memory (EEPROM) through the "O" command. Upon power-up the box will recall saved settings, negating the need to program again.

A full list of valid commands can be found here

Any timing value sent to the TriggerBox is in milliseconds, and has a valid range of 0 to 30,000 milliseconds.