Tip: All commands that do not return a data string will return "tenFour", with the exception of the fire the shutters command. It is advised to wait for the TriggerBox to print "tenFour" before issuing another command.

General Commands:

 SFire the shutters. If box is in Sequencer Mode, it will move to the next available stage.
F1 / F0Assert or de-assert the focus outputs, according to the current focus enable settings.
 bxxxxSet bulb time (how long the shutter control line is asserted in milliseconds)   
 BPrint "BulbTime:[xxxx]
 d8 23 456 99 32 1Set the current sequencer stage delay values. (also prints "updating stage delay tables")
 DPrint the current sequencer stage delay array "Delays:[12 23 34 45 56 67 ]"
 f111000Set the current focus enable array.
 s000111Set the current shutter enable array.
 VPrint "FocusArray:[EN EN EN DIS DIS DIS ]"
 GPrint "ShutterArray:[DIS DIS DIS EN EN EN ]"
 *calling_ESPER_triggerBoxPuts box into "find me mode" - it will print TriggerBox:[box_id] every 100mS until a '^' char is sent. This is used by the TriggerBoxController GUI to enumerate boxes on startup.
 EPrints freeMemory():[815 ] - the number of bytes of free memory in box's RAM.
 OWrites the box's current settings to EEPROM, so that settings will be recalled the next time the box is powered up.
 RBox will read the settings from its EEPROM into RAM. This also happens on box startup.
 nExample NameSet the box's internal name.
 NPrint "BoxName:[Example Name]
l1l0Turn front mode light on or off
 LPrint "Light:[EN/DIS]"
m0m2Set mode to simple mode or sequencer mode
 MPrint Mode:[ 0 ]
 z123Set input delay to 123 millis
 x897Set link delay to 897 millis
 ZPrint "InDelayMils:[0 ]"
 XPrint "LinkDelayMils:[0 ]"
 i34Set box id to 34. This is used by the TriggerBoxController GUI to enumerate boxes on startup.
 IPrint "BoxID:[34]
k1k0Enable or disable the link output.
 KPrint "chainEnable:[EN/DIS]"
 qResets each value of EEPROM back to default - prints each index it resets, to indicate progress. Complete at 1023, takes around ten seconds.
 QPrint each value of each EEPROM address.
 pPrints "Version x.x" referring to firmware

Sequencer Specific Commands:

 YMove to next enabled sequencer stage, or wrap round to zero stage if at final activated stage.
j3Moves the sequencer to its 4th stage (zero start index)
JPrint "STG_NDX:[3]"
PActivate the next available sequencer stage. Prints "ERR:tooManyActiveStages" if eight stages are active.
UDeletes current stage. Subsequent stages, if present, move to fill the gap. Prints "ERR:notEnoughStages" if only one stage is active.
WPrint "NM_ACTV_STG:[1]" (number of active sequence stages)
w                                            Print the sequencer in easy to read format.

Reset the sequencer to default.