What is the TriggerBox?

The ESPER TriggerBox is a 6 output programmable multi camera shutter release controller. It allows multi camera systems to be fired simultaneously or with programmed sequences and offsets.

What are the applications for the TriggerBox?

Any application that requires the accurate control of multiple camera arrays such as : photogrammetry, bullet time / time slice VFX, photo booths, stop motion animation, animated photography, imaging research.

What cameras are compatible with the TriggerBox?

Trigger boxes are compatible with any camera that has a wired shutter release input. We can supply adaptor cables for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Machine Vision systems.  

How many cameras can connect to each TriggerBox?

6 cameras can be connected to each TriggerBox.

Can a combination of different cameras be used with the TriggerBox ?

Yes the TriggerBox can be used with any combination of compatible cameras.

How do cameras connect to the TriggerBox?

The TriggerBox connects to cameras via their remote shutter release input socket. The TriggerBox has 3.5mm jack sockets – we can provide adaptor cables for most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. 

How many TriggerBoxes can be linked together ?

There is no limit to the amount of TriggerBoxes that can be linked together.

How do TriggerBoxes link?

Use a 3.5mm stereo cable to connect the link socket of the first TriggerBox to the input socket of the next TriggerBox in the chain and continue down the line.

What triggers the TriggerBox?

The TriggerBox can be fired from either a remote release plugged into its input (both in Straight Trigger and Smart Trigger modes) or a computer via USB connection (Smart Trigger mode only.)

What shutter release cables / wireless systems are compatible with the TriggerBox ?

The TriggerBox can be used in combination with any wired or wireless remote release that has a 3.5mm jack connection. 

Can flashes/strobes be used with the TriggerBox?

Any flash / strobe unit that can be connected to directly to a camera is safe to plug into the TriggerBox.  
!!! Please be aware that some flashes and strobes operate at significantly higher voltages than the TriggerBox is designed to operate with. !!!  If you are unsure if your flash or strobe is compatible with the TriggerBox please contact us.

Is there any latency or delay when using the TriggerBox?

When the TriggerBox switch is green the delay between the input signal received and the outputs firing is 2µS (0.000002 seconds). Note that the shutter lag of most DSLR’s ranges from 0.04 to 0.150 seconds.

What does the Mode switch on the TriggerBox do?

The TriggerBox has two modes of operation, When the mode switch is Green the TriggerBox functions as a straight trigger distribution unit. When the mode switch is Blue the TriggerBox can be programmed using the TriggerBoxController software. This allows individual outputs to be delayed, switched off and on and sequenced in up to 8 steps.

What software is compatible with the TriggerBox ?

The TriggerBox comes bundled with our TriggerBoxController software. The TriggerBoxController allows access to the features of the TriggerBox only. For control of camera settings, downloading images etc. you will need to use a third party software such as those provided by Breeze Systems, Kuvacode CaptureGRID and Xangle Camera Server

What are the programmable features TriggerBox ?

The TriggerBoxController allows the TriggerBox to be programmed to 
  • Fire the TriggerBox outputs over USB 
  • Assign delays to outputs
  • Toggle outputs off and on
  • Sequence all output settings
  • Upload settings to the TriggerBox for stand alone operation
  • Multi camera intervalometer with exposure ramping

What are the system requirements for running the TriggerBox Controller?

The TriggerBox controller is Java application so will run on any machine with Java installed, install the latest version of Java here https://www.java.com/en/download/help/download_options.xml

Can the TriggerBox be controlled from our own software?

Yes please contact us at info@esperhq.com and we can send you a list of serial commands the TriggerBox responds to.

Can you control the TriggerBoxes through a Raspberry Pi?

Yes you can connect the TriggerBox to a Raspberry Pi as long as it has USB ports to connect the TriggerBox too. 

NOTE - If using Linux you will need to give permissions to FT232 chip in order to connect

What comes with the TriggerBox?

The TriggerBox is supplied with a universal power supply and a 1m USB-A to USB-C cable.

Can you communicate with each individual TriggerBox via the serial commands?

Yes you can communicate with a TriggerBox individually via the serial commands. This is done by having a terminal open and connected with each TriggerBox. You can also do it via your own software by assigning the TriggerBoxes COM port a name and talking to it that way.