Thank you for buying an Esper PowerBox. The PowerBox allows you to connect up to 6 cameras and provide safe and reliable power to all cameras from a single wall outlet. Follow these 3 steps and you'll get your PowerBox up and running in no time. 

  • By the end of step 3: You'll have your cameras connected to the PowerBox and all powered up ready to start shooting.

The 3 steps to setup

  1. Powering up the PowerBox 
  2. Connecting the DC Couplers to the PowerBox 
  3. Connecting your cameras to the DC Couplers

Step 1. Powering up the PowerBox

Connect the 48V PSU 4 pin connector to the PowerBox connection on the front panel (fig.1 a). Connect

Figure 1. Esper PowerBox Front Panel

Step 2. Connecting the DC Couplers to the PowerBox

Take the plug end of the DC Coupler and plug it into 1 of the 6 power outputs (fig.2 a) on the rear side of the PowerBox.

If your DC Coupler has a connector end (Female connector) rather than a plug end you will need to use the power extension cables supplied to connect your DC Couplers to the PowerBox 

Figure 2.  Esper PowerBox Rear Panel

Step 3. Connecting your cameras to the DC Couplers

Once you've connected the coupler to the PowerBox, take the battery end of the coupler and place it inside your cameras battery compartment. Make sure the lid for the battery slot is closed otherwise your camera will not turn on. 

NOTE - Each camera has a dedicated slot in the battery compartment for the cable from the DC Coupler to slot into to allow the door to close. 

Figure 3. Camera battery compartment door closed with DC Coupler inside