PowerBox troubleshooting

Issue: Power to the PowerBox keeps on cutting out and making the cameras power down.

Fix: The connection from the power supply may be loose which is causing power to drop. Ensure that the power supply connector is completely plugged in. 

Issue: Cable connection is really loose and causes cameras to go offline. These cables weren't purchased from your store.

Fix: All cables supplied by Esper have been fully tested and provide a solid connection as these cables have a screw on connector meaning there is no risk of the cable coming loose when connecting up your cameras or during events.

NOTE - We cannot guarantee that cables purchased outside of our shop to work correctly with our PowerBox. 

Issue: I've connected my Canon 5D to the PowerBox using the correct DC Coupler but the camera powers off every time I take a shot. Why is this? 

Fix: The Canon 5D is a full-frame camera. Most full-frame cameras draw more power when firing unlike crop sensor cameras. We supply combiner cables to ensure they receive the power they need to stay on during shoots and events. Get in touch to learn more via sales@esperhq.com

Issue:  My camera isn't powering on. I have connected the DC Coupler to the PowerBox but the camera isn't turning on.

Fix: Ensure that you are using the correct DC Coupler to connect. This can be checked through our compatibility checker located on our PowerBox product page. 

Fix: Ensure that the battery door is fully shut. There is a dedicated slot where your cable coming from the DC Coupler slots into to allow the door to fully close. If the door isn't closed properly, the camera will not power on.