What is the PowerBox?

The PowerBox is a multi camera power supply unit that provides fully regulated and protected power for up to 6 cameras from a single wall outlet.

What are the applications for the PowerBox?

Any application that requires the reliable powering of multiple cameras.

What cameras are compatible with the PowerBox?

The PowerBox is designed to power the camera models that are most commonly used in multi camera arrays. Typically these are cropped sensor Canon or Nikon DSLRs.

How many cameras can you connect to the PowerBox?

6 cameras can be connected to each PowerBox.

Can you connect a combination of different model cameras to the PowerBox?

You can connect a combination of different cameras that are compatible with the PowerBox.

How do you connect the cameras to the PowerBox?

The PowerBox connects to each camera via a DC Coupler (dummy battery). This just replaces the standard battery in the camera and provides power for as long as the camera is connected to the PowerBox.

Note - We can supply DC couplers for most commonly used cameras. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Can the PowerBox power the TriggerBox?

The PowerBox can power the TriggerBox. The PowerBox does this through its USB-C port and plugs directly into the TriggerBoxes USB-C port. You will need a USB-C to USB-C cable.

 The PowerBox and TriggerBox have been designed to stack neatly together. 

Can you plug a flash / strobe into the PowerBox?

No - The PowerBox has been designed to reliably power multiple cameras simultaneously – plugging any other equipment into the output of a PowerBox may damage the PowerBox and the equipment.

What voltage does the PowerBox accept?

The PowerBox works worldwide and accepts voltages of 100-250V at frequencies between 50-60Hz.

What is the output voltage of the PowerBox

The PowerBox has an output stage designed to mimic Li-ion camera batteries the output voltage is regulated at 9VDC.

What is supplied with the PowerBox?

The PowerBox is supplied with a multi-regional universal power supply and a 2m IEC C13 cable.

Are there any moving parts in the PowerBox?

The PowerBox is all solid-state throughout so there is no moving parts such as fans.

Does the PowerBox need someone to press the reset button if a fault occurs?

No the PowerBox will automatically retry that output connection and power the camera back up.

Does the PowerBox get hot or reach a high temperature?

On standby, about 5 degrees above ambient. In use, it depends on how often a photo is taken. If a photo is taken once every 10 seconds, then the temp raise won't be much above standby, as the PowerBox is only supplying high current for a fraction of the time. Continuous (i.e. 3 shots per second) would lead to a higher temp raise.

My camera model isn't listed on your website compatibility checker. Is it compatible?

Your camera model might be compatible with the PowerBox. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

NOTE - Full frame cameras draw more power which we provide adaptor cables for to allow them to be connected to the PowerBox. Get in touch with us to find out more.