It is essential that the main power supply be switched off before any wiring takes place.  
  • Light Nodes power connections correct. Refer to to System Wiring Document.
  • Light Nodes data connections correct - pay attention to direction of data chain.
  • Data connection from first node attached to ControllerBox Port 2. 
  • Master Camera connected to TRIGGER INPUT if necessary.
  • Cameras connected to ControllerBox's TRIGGER OUTPUT via TriggerBoxes.
  • ControllerBox 48V power supplied from spare 4 pin connection from LightCage .
  • ControllerBox connected to PC via USB cable.

Once all wiring is complete, double check the red button on the e-stop is pressed before switching on the Main Power Supplies one at a time. 

Wait a few seconds for the supplies to stabilise, then twist the e-stop button to power the lighting nodes. 

Make a visual check that each node has power: each node's green LED should be flashing to indicate that it is ready to connect to the ControllerBox. 

Ensure that the ControllerBox has started up - indicated by a green LED on the front.   

Start the LightCageController software. The ControllerBox should be found by the software automatically. Having found the ControllerBox, the software will ping each node, in order to verify data wiring. 

The wiring connections can be verified by use of the modelling light slider - setting each node to a dim background level provides an easy way of checking that power is supplied to each node.  

It is then recommended to check that cameras react to triggering commands. Move to the LIGHT NODES tab, and select sequencer mode. Reset the sequencer with the CLEAR STAGES button, then press the red button. Any cameras connected to the ControllerBox should take a single shot.