The release controls are located at the bottom right of the screen. They are composed of the STEP/CONTINUOUS toggle, the MODELLING LIGHT slider and the BIG RED BUTTON.


The SINGLE STEP/CONTINUOUS toggle allows the user to select between capturing either a single frame of the specified SEQUENCE, or the entire sequence. It is worth noting that in single step mode, the lighting nodes will play back subsequent stages of the uploaded sequence. 


The modelling light slider sets the level of background light between photos. 


The BIG RED BUTTON initiates the lighting and capture sequences set above. 

The exact behaviour of the BIG RED BUTTON depends on two factors: lighting node Release Mode and lighting node Sync Source. 

The flow of events is as follows:


All lights are set to zero brightness.

Camera Focus line is asserted.

Which release mode are the lighting nodes set to?


What lighting nodes Sync source is selected? 


> Assert shutter for a single frame and generate flash from incoming Camera flash on TRIGGER INPUT.


> Assert shutter for a single frame and generate flash pulse after a delay specified in the FLASH LAG numberbox.


What Sync source is selected?


> Use the FRAME RATE TABLE number box to calculate how long to assert the Camera shutter input.

> Assert the camera shutter input.

> Wait for specific FLASH LAG duration.

> Generate n flashes at the specified frame rate, where n is the number of active stages in the Sequencer.

> De-assert the shutter and focus lines.


> Use the FRAME RATE SEQUENCER number box to calculate how long the Camera is  expected to take the required number of shots. A small margin of error is added to account for timing variations.

> Assert the camera shutter input.

> At this point, the camera will take a series of photos, and send a series of pulses to the TRIGGER INPUT. The ControllerBox will generate a lighting node flash on every pulse while counting the number of pulses. If the ControllerBox doesn't receive the required number of pulses within the expected time it will release the shutter button, to prevent the ControllerBox waiting for camera pulses indefinitely.