Sync Source

Most DSLR cameras will only achieve their stated high speed continuous release rate if their shutter button is held down with the camera set to continuous release mode. 

This presents to the user a choice of two configuration options regarding syncing the lighting nodes to the camera. 

If the camera model selected has either a hot shoe or flash sync port then Camera Master mode is recommended. This causes the lighting nodes to generate flashes directly coupled to the master camera shutter's release. In this use case, the master camera has its flash sync port linked to the ControllerBox's TRIGGER INPUT via the cable supplied.

If the camera model has no available hot shoe or flash sync port, then ControllerBox Master mode is necessary. In this mode, the time interval between a shutter signal being sent to the camera and the flashes being generated by the lighting nodes is governed by the ControllerBox, and specified by the user. It is necessary to know the exact frame rate of the camera, and input this into the LightCageController user interface.