Hardware Troubleshooting

Issue: TriggerBox not responding to Serial commands.

Fix 1: After opening serial port connection to the box, wait 3 seconds for the box to initialise before sending further commands. 

Fix 2: Make sure any serial strings sent to the box end with a newline character. 

Issue: Cameras do not respond to shutter signal via serial commands.

Fix 1: Make sure cameras are receiving a focus signal that precedes the shutter signal. Even if using cameras in manual focus mode, they still require a focus signal to simulate a half press of the button. This causes the camera to perform all its metering functions.

Fix 2: Check the bulb time is set correctly. 20 milliseconds is a good starting point. Refer to the serial instruction set for details of how to set bulb time.

Fix 3: Check the coupler.  If the camera has not recognised the coupler properly it will show a warning message. In most cases, if such a message is shown, the camera's shutter will not release.

Issue: TriggerBox is not powering up. Mode button doesn't light up anymore

Fix 1: Make sure the USB-C cable is fully inserted into the TriggerBoxes USB-C port. A lose connection can cause the TriggerBox to not power up. Try turning the USB-C cable around the other way also.

Fix 2: Try a different USB cable and power supply if available. If powering via PSU try connecting it to a PC USB port.

Issue: Cameras not firing in green mode using a wired/wireless remote

Fix 1: Connect the TriggerBox to the TriggerBoxController software and see if each TriggerBox fires correctly. If it does, your shutter remote is most likely causing issues. Try swapping it out with a new one. We recommend the Pixel RC-208.