Software Troubleshooting

Issue: TriggerBox is not found by the computer when using the TriggerBoxController Software.

Fix 1: Ensure box is in blue mode, selectable via the switch on the front face. Check the PC has recognised the TriggerBox as a serial interface in Device Manager. If on a Mac, check that the TriggerBox is recognised as a FT232 in network interfaces settings.

Fix 2: Try turning the USB-C cable around the other way. Blow into the USB port to clear any dust that might be on the connection

Fix 3: Try removing COM ports that are no longer in use from your PC. This is done by going to device manager, click the view tab at the top and show hidden devices. Go down to the COM ports section and remove any COM ports that are no longer being used. 

Fix 4: If device manager is showing the TriggerBox as a COM port try updating your PC/Laptops COM port drivers. They might be out of date. This can be done via - Right click the COM port in device manager ---> automatically update driver software. If that doesn't work download them manually through here. Make sure you get the correct version for your OS.

NOTE - If none of the above fixes your issue with the software not finding your TriggerBox please send your latest log files (TriggerBoxController > data > logFells) to us

Issue: Save to memory button isn't working. Settings are not saving to the TriggerBox.

Fix 1: Download V1.6 of the TriggerBoxController software. This issue has now been fixed. You can download it through here.

This was a known issue with V1.3 of the TriggerBoxController software. Thank you to everyone who let us know about the issue.

Issue: TriggerBoxController software is not opening on Mac.

Fix 1: You need to give the software permissions to run on your Mac. To do this hold Ctrl and right click the .jar file and click open. A dialog box will open asking if you want to run it, click open and the software will run. 

NOTE - You will not need to do this every time you want to run the software.

Issue: Cameras fires when TriggerBox connecting to TriggerBoxController software

Fix 1: Turn your cameras off while starting up your setup and connecting the TriggerBoxes will stop this from happening.

Issue: TriggerBoxController GUI sometimes enters idle state. Can't press red button / change settings. Hard reset required. Only applicable when using in parallel with SmartShooter.

Fix 1: In SmartShooter there’s an option to disable the ‘Canon ESDK’ that can improve the reliability of the cameras USB connection. That could be causing the TriggerBox's USB connection to stop.

Fix 2: Computer may be entering sleep mode. This could disrupt the USB connection to the box. Set the computer's power/sleep settings to never standby while using TriggerBox.

Issue: Interval mode settings are not saving to the TriggerBox memory

Fix 1:Interval mode is only software based and not physically built into the TriggerBox. There is nothing for the settings to save to and be recalled from.

 NOTE - If you add any settings in delay mode as well as interval mode and tried to save none of the settings will save. You can only save settings to the box memory from Delay mode

Issue: Camera received focus signal but doesn't receive shutter signal through the software. Cameras fully trigger when in green mode

Fix 1: Try increasing the bulb time. This is the duration that the TriggerBox holds down the camera's shutter release input. Some cameras need a pulse in the region of 100ms - 200ms. Start with 150ms and see how that performs. Bulb time can be found within the interval mode setting.

NOTE - If your camera fires multiple times after changing the bulb time, try lowering the time inputted to where the camera fires once.

Issue: TriggerBoxController software doesn't open. I get error message saying 'The Java JAR file could not be launched. Check the console'

Fix 1: The most likely cause for this message to appear is your not running the latest version of Java on your Windows or MAC. Download the latest Java version from here and install it. You will most likely have to restart your machine for the update to take affect. Retry launching the software and it should open.

Issue: Cameras don't fire when using the TriggerBoxController software. TriggerBox has connected and responded but cameras don't trigger.

Fix 1: Ensure that the focus setting per channel is turned on. If your cameras and lenses are set to manual focus, you don't need to turn this off. Sometimes, cameras will use the focus signal as an alert to get ready to take the photo. 

Fix 2: Ensure that you have either prefocus or half-press turned on. If none of these is enabled in the software, the cameras won't fire. 

  • Prefocus - Use this if just want point and shoot
  • Half-press - Use this if you want little shutter lag when pressing the red button

NOTE - If you use half-press, you will need to turn it off in order for photos to download or change settings with the cameras.